10 Reasons Why Being a Nurse is the Best Decision You Can Make

10 Reasons Why Being a Nurse is the Best Decision You Can Make

Nursing has always been regarded as a smart career choice. Through nursing, you can help the sick while getting compensated for your efforts. If you need more convincing why this career path is perfect, here are 10 reasons to consider.

  1. The demand for nurses is higher than the current supply.

There’s an influx of sick people, but not enough nurses or hospital beds to accommodate patients. There’s a shortage of nurses, and this is projected to grow even worse over the next few years.

In the United States, Registered Nurses (RN) happen to be one of the most lucrative careers. The demand is projected to grow by 16 percent through 2024. The numbers are even higher for nurses with higher degrees with an expected demand of up to 31 percent.

  1. America is an aging population

There’s a spike in the number of people who belong to the senior citizen category in the United States. This is a contributory factor to the nursing shortage.

Baby Boomers, one of the largest US populations, are in their senior years. Since people live longer now, there’s a greater a demand for additional nursing care.

  1. About half of the current nursing workforce is due for retirement.

The current supply of nurses is lacking, but the gap will become worse over the next years. About 50 percent of the nurses right now will retire starting in 2020 since the median age for people in the profession is 46.

  1. Technology offers more options for nurses.

Technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. This means more career paths for nurses including nursing informatics where professionals specialize in analyzing patient data.

  1. There are several paths for nursing professionals

Nurses are not limited to pursuing careers inside the hospital. These professionals can serve as researchers, educators, and even policymakers. If being a nurse feels too burdensome, there are still various career options for these professionals.

  1. Nursing communities are dynamic

There are various organizations for nurses where you can connect with people in the same professions. Although there is one big umbrella organization for these professionals, there are smaller communities for nurses with specific specializations.

  1. Nursing profession supports higher education

In an effort to boost the quality of nursing care, many institutions encourage nurses to pursue higher education. Only 55 percent of the current RNs hold a Bachelor’s degree, there are institutions offering RN to BSN programs.

If you want to earn even better, you can also pursue BSN to DNP online courses which provide the flexibility most nurses want if they continue their studies.

  1. Nurses have more flexible careers

Nurses can study their profession anywhere as long as they comply with the requirements. Various institutions also hire nurses.

If you are not averse to being sent out to do your duties, being a travel nurse is not just exciting, it also pays well.

  1. Nurses have flexible educational choices

The path to being a nurse is not restricted to getting a Bachelor’s degree. Some people start their nursing path with an LPN, seeking employment, then applying for a Registered Nurse program.

While working as an RN, you can take your Bachelor’s degree to have better work opportunities.

  1. Nurses are Highly Respected

Nursing continually ranks as one of the top professions people respect. Entering the medical field as a nurse may not be the first choice for some people, but these professionals are among the top picks for people who do honest and ethical work.